Sunday, December 27, 2009

Getting Started with the butter

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited about my handmade body butter and the opportunity to share with others. When I initially started with the idea of creating my own handmade body butter I did not realize how passionate I would be about it! I think the bulk of the passion comes from the idea of knowing I am doing something great for my skin. I believe we should all pay attention to what we put on our skin from day to day. I remember reading an article in a vegetarian magazine that said it better; our skin care products should have an expiration date!!! That's what I love about my handmade body butter there is an expiration date and each batch is made with passion and dedication. I love the feeling my citrus body butter gives me after a long day, a shower and rub of the butter...not to mention all the great nutrients your body is absorbing verses ingredients we can not pronounce. Well this is a beginning of a wonderful adventure that I look forward to...


  1. PHall,

    Your product sounds awesome, how can I get some of that butter?


  2. Will be sending you some soon!!!! Please give me your feedback...Thanks for the support!