Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Benefits of Shea Butter

Wanted to take the time to educate on the benefits of Shea butter, but not to mention it is my favorite ingredient in my body butters. Shea butter is found in the tropics of Africa and is extracted from the nuts of the Shea-Karite tree. The Shea-Karite tree bears fruit after 15 years and can take up to 30 years to bear a quality nut. The healing property of Shea butter is the irremovable fatty acid as I spoke of in a previous article it is essential for healthy skin. Shea butter's irremovable fatty acids makes it superior to cocoa butter and other vegetable butters. Shea butter is solid at room temperature, but melts at body temperature.
There are 3 types of Shea butters raw or unrefined, refined butter highly processed, or highly refined or processed. Raw or unrefined Shea butter is extracted using water and the color ranges from grayish yellow or cream whipped butter. Highly refined and processed Shea butter is pure white. It is not recommended buying Shea butter that has been refined using other solvents or hexane. I personally like the unrefined Shea butter for my body butters although there is a strong Shea smell, but does not last long and if mixed with essential oils the smell is not as strong.
Shea butter is nourishing to the skin with vitamin A and E. Vitamin A and E helps to maintain the skin and keeps it clear and healthy. Vitamin A and E prevents premature wrinkles and facial lines. Shea butter easily penetrates the skin living the skin unclogged.

Here are some additional benefits:

Daily skin moisturizer (face and body)
Dry skin relief
Dry scalp
Skin rash- including diaper rash
Skin peeling, after tanning
Blemishes and wrinkles
Itching skin due to dryness
Shaving cream to reduce razor irritation
Small skin wounds
Skin cracks
Soften tough skin on feet (especially heels)
Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy
Minor burns
Sun and wind protection
Even skin tone
Reduce blemishes and scarring
Eliminating scalp irritation from dryness or chemical processing
Preventing bumps after shaving
Reducing acne (especially in combination with African Black Soap)
Absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue
Helps restore elasticity to skin
Restores luster to hair

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